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MS Powerpoint

Characteristics of Powerpoint:
Title-A descriptive heading identifying a slide.
Subtitle- A descriptive message or brief description of a slide data .It emphasises the slide’s central idea.
Drawing objects-Drawing objects include autoshape,curves,lines,word art etc.
Clip art and pictures-Pictures and graphics are available in the MS office Suite.

Powerpoint Creations-
On screen Presentations
Webpages for Web use
Overhead Transparencies

PowerPoint Views.
Normal- It displays three panes that show the outline,the slide and an area into which you can enter speaker’s notes.
Outline-It shows only the text of the presentation in the outline form,allowing you to work easily with the context.
Slide-It shows the slide and its content.
Slide Sorter- It displays the entire set of slides on the screen, so that you can check the order and completeness of the presentation.
Slide Show-It displays the presentations on slide at a time in sequence as an automatic slide show.
Notes Pages- It is available from view menu.It enters and edit speaker’s notes for the presenter.

Microsoft Powerpoint- Editing View Shortcuts
1. N =Next slide >
2. P =Previous slide
3. G, type the number, Tab, Enter =Go to a specific slide
4. Esc =Exit Slide Show

Microsoft Powerpoint – Edit slides shortcuts
1. Ctrl + F6 =Move left to right between Thumbnail Pane, Ribbon, Slide Pane, and Notes Pane
2. Shift + Ctrl + F6 =Reverse: Move right to left between Notes Pane, Slide Pane, Ribbon, and Thumbnail Pane
3. Tab =Go to a different ribbon tab
4.Ctrl + Arrow Left or Right =Move between groups of features on the Ribbon

Microsoft Powerpoint –Finding and replacing shortcuts
1. Ctrl + M =Create new slide after currently selected thumbnai
2. Tab =Move left to right through placeholders on a slide
3. Enter or F2 =Select or edit the current placeholder
4. F2 =End editing text in a placeholder
5. Ctrl + C =Copy slide
6. Ctrl + V =Paste slide
7. Ctrl + Z =Undo
8. Ctrl + Y =Redo

Reorder thumbnails when Thumbnail Pane is current
1. Ctrl + Up Arrow =Move slide up one position
2. Ctrl + Down Arrow =Move slide down one position
3. Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow =Move slide to 1st position
4. Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow =Move slide to last position

Move insertion point within placeholders and notes
1. Right Arrow =Right one character
2. Left Arrow =Left one character
3. Ctrl + Right Arrow =Right one word
4. Ctrl + Left Arrow =Left one word
5. Up Arrow =Up one line
6. Down Arrow =Down one line
7. Ctrl + Up Arrow =Up one paragraph
8.Ctrl + Down Arrow =Down one paragraph
9.Home =Beginning of line
10. End =End of line
11. Ctrl + Home =Beginning of placeholder or notes
12.Ctrl + End =End of placeholder or notes

Select content: expand selection
1. Shift + Right Arrow =Right one character
2. Shift + Left Arrow =Left one character
3. Shift + Ctrl + Right Arrow =Right one word
4. Shift + Ctrl + Left Arrow =Left one word
5. Shift + Up Arrow =Up one line
6. Shift + Down Arrow =Down one line
7. Ctrl + Up Arrow =Up one paragraph
8. Shift + Ctrl +Down Arrow =Down one paragraph
9. Shift + Home =To beginning of paragraph
10. Shift + End =To end of paragraph
11. Shift + Ctrl + Home =To beginning of placeholder or notes
12. Shift + Ctrl + End =To end of placeholder or notes
13. Ctrl + A =Whole placeholder or notes

Microsoft Powerpoint –Edit text shortcuts
1. Ctrl + X =Cut
2. Ctrl + C =Copy
3. Ctrl + V =Paste
4. Ctrl + K =Insert hyperlink
5. Ctrl + Z =Undo
6. Ctrl + Y =Redo
7. Ctrl + J =Justify (align) text left

Microsoft Powerpoint –Edit shape shortcuts
1. Right Arrow =Move: Nudge shape right
2. Left Arrow =Move: Nudge shape left
3. Up Arrow =Move: Nudge shape up
4. Down Arrow =Move: Nudge shape down
5. Ctrl + Shift + [ =Arrange: Send shape to back
6. Ctrl + [ =Arrange: Send shape backward
7. Ctrl + Shift + ] =Arrange: Send shape to front
8. Ctrl+] =Arrange: Send shape forward

Microsoft Powerpoint –Edit shape shortcuts
1. Ctrl + B =Bold
2. Ctrl + I =Italics
3. Ctrl + U =Underline
4. Ctrl + L =Align left
5. Ctrl + R =Align right
6. Ctrl + E =Align centered

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