Use of A/An:

Article A/An is used before a singular noun.

The choice b/w A/An is determined by first sound of pronunciation (not by the letter even it may be A,E,I,O,U) of the noun.

If it is pronounced with vowel sound, use “An” otherwise “A”.

* He is an honest man
* He is a European.
* He is an MLA.
* He is an SDO.

Remember Some important words:
* An hour
* An honour
* An honest
* An heir
* A house
* A Historical place
* A Humble Person
* A One rupee
* A uniform
* A heinous
* A young
* A ewe
* A university
* A unity
* A union
* A eulogy
* A member of society
* An IAS
* A UK ship
* An European

“The”- Definite Article

Uses of “The”:

1. While speaking of particular person or thing or one already referred to.
Example: She found a purse. The purse contained a golden chain. the golden chain is very precious.

2. When singular noun is meant to represent the whole thing.
Example: The dog is a faithful animal.

3. The is used before superlative.
Example : She is the most beautiful girl in our school.

4. The is used with the name of renowned buildings , gulf, river, sea etc.
* The Taj mahal
* The persian Gulf
* The Red Sea
* The Thame

5. The is used before adjectives east/west etc + noun in certain names
Example: The east/west end

6. The is used before directions
Example: The east, The west, the north

7. The is used befor important books name
Example: The Ramayana, The quran

8. The is used before the name of person (Family) in plural
Example: The RAymond, The Ambanis

Zero article Position

Article is omitted in following cases:

1. Before a proper noun.
Example:Akbar was a great king.

2. Before a common noun, used in its wildest sense.
Example: Man is mortal.

3. Before material noun.
Example: Iron is a hard metal.

4. Before name of regular meals(Breakfast, Dinner, lunch)
Example: he was invited to dinner.

5. Before name of language or colour.
Example: I like red and blue.

6. Before a noun following kind of expression “kind of”
Example: What kind of girl she is?

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