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Use of A/An:

Article A/An is used before a singular noun.

The choice b/w A/An is determined by first sound of pronunciation (not by the letter even it may be A,E,I,O,U) of the noun.
If it is pronounced with vowel sound, use “An” otherwise “A”.
He is an honest man
He is a European.
He is an MLA.
He is an SDO.

Remember Some important words:
An hour
An honour
An honest
An heir
A house
A Historical place
A Humble Person
A One rupee
A uniform
A heinous
A young
A ewe
A university
A unity
A union
A eulogy
A member of society
A UK ship
An European

“The”- Definite Article

Uses of “The”
While speaking of particular person or thing or one already referred to.
Example: She found a purse. The purse contained a golden chain. the golden chain is very precious.

2. When singular noun is meant to represent the whole thing.
Example: The dog is a faithful animal.

3. The is used before superlative.
Example : She is the most beautiful girl in our school.

4. The is used with the name of renowned buildings , gulf, river, sea etc.
Example: The Taj mahal
The persian Gulf
The Red Sea
The Thame

5. The is used before adjectives east/west etc + noun in certain names
Example: The east/west end

6. The is used before directions
Example: The east, The west, the north

7. The is used befor important books name
Example: the Ramayana , The quran

8.The is used before the name of person (Family) in plural
Example: The RAymond, The Ambanis

Zero article Position

Article is omitted in following cases
1. Before a proper noun.
Example:Akbar was a great king.

2. Before a common noun, used in its wildest sense.
Example: Man is mortal.

3. before material noun.
Example: Iron is a hard metal.

4. Before name of regular meals(Breakfast, Dinner, lunch)
Example: he was invited to dinner.

5. Before name of language or colour.
Example: I like red and blue.

6. Before a noun following kind of expression “kind of”
Example: What kind of girl she is?

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