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Abroad Overseas
Accord Agreement
Admit Confess
Agree Consent
Alike Same
Allow Permit
Amount Quantity
Angry Mad
Answer Response
Ask Inquire
Attire Dress
Away Absent
Awful Terrible
Baby Infant
Beautiful Pretty
Becoming Fitting
Beg Implore
Begin Commence
Belly Stomach
Big Large
Bizarre Weird
Blank Empty
Brave Bold
Broad Wide
Bucket Pail
Busy Active
Calamity Disaster
Candy Sweets
Center Middle
Change Transform
Chiefly Mainly
Choosy Picky
Close Shut
Collect Gather
Complete Total
Confine Restrict
Confuse Mixed Up
Considerate Thoughtful
Contrary Opposite
Correct Right
Cunning Clever
Dash Sprint
Daybreak Dawn
Dedicated Committed
Deliberate Planned
Delicate Fragile
Destiny Fate
Disclose Reveal
Discount Reduction
Disgrace Shame
Eager Keen
Elevate Raise
Enormous Huge
Enquire Investigate
Evaluate Assess
Evil Bad
Exactly Precisely
Except Apart From
Exit Leave
Extra Additional
Fair Unbiased
False Untrue
Famous Renowned
Fantastic Great
Fast Quick
Finish Complete
Formerly Previously
Fortunate Lucky
Fun Entertaining
Function Operate
Funny Amusing
Garbage Trash
Get Receive
Glad Happy
Glitter Sparkle
Good Fine
Grab Seize
Grumble Grouse
Hall Corridor
Handsome Good Looking
Happily Fortunately
Hard Difficult
Hazard Danger
Help Assist
Hint Tip
Huge Enormous
Hurt Injure
Hurry Rush
Ignore Snub
Ill Sick
Imitate Mimic
Immediate Instantly
Impact Effect
Impartial Neutral
Important Significant
Inconsiderate Thoughtless
Infamous Notorious
Infect Contaminate
Informal Casual
Innocent Harmless
Inspect Examine
Instructions Directions
Insufficient Inadequate
Intellectual Mental
Intelligent Smart
Intend Mean
Inventory Stock
Invoice Bill
Jealous Envious
Job Work
Joy Delight
Kid Child
Kind Benevolent
Lethal Deadly
Listen Hear
Little Small
Lots Many
Mad Crazy
Make Build
Maintain Preserve
Maybe Perhaps
Meeting Assembly
Mild Gentle
Misery Distress
Modern Contemporary
Movie Film
Native Local
Necessary Essential
Near Close
Negotiate Bargain
Nice Affable
Noble Aristocratic
Novice Beginner
Nuisance Annoyance
Obedient Faithful
Objection Disapproval
Obligatory Compulsory
Offend Anger
Offer Bid
Omen Premonition
Omit Exclude
Opportune Advantageous
Pacify Appease
Pain Ache
Paramount Chief
Partisan Biased
Passive Inactive
Pause Break
Permeate Diffuse
Perpetuate Endure
Perplex Astonish
Persecute Afflict
Radiate Effuse
Radical Basic
Range Anger
Rank Arrange
Realize Accomplish
Recalcitrant Obstinate
Receptacle Container
Reconcile Atone
Regret Deplore
Reliable Dependable
Sanction Approval
Scope Aim
Section Division
Settle Adjust
Shallow Superficial
Shrewd Careful
Significant Distinctive
Slight Delicate
Spontaneous Impromptu
Talk Speak
Temper Mood
Think Ponder
Tiny Small
Transform Convert
Trustworthy Reliable
Try Attempt
Uncommon Unusual
Uncooked Raw
Under Below
Unfortunate Unlucky
Use Utilize
Usually Generally
Vague Indistinct
Vanquish Conquer
Vary Differ
Vast Huge
Want Desire
Weak Feeble
Withstand Resist
Yell Shout
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